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blext is an application where black students have the possibility to discover black role models and have them as a mentor. this way, they will get a better view of their studies and opportunities after school. the app features a podcast that keeps THEM up to date with the latest news about upcoming events and role models. Besides that, it also has a platform where role models have a talk to motivate and inspire the next generation.

blext promo pic dark.jpg

the has been inspired by elements that are particular in the black community.

for example like the durag texture in the app and the afro pictograms, etc. besides that I used colours that are perfectly fits with the message behind the app. we see a lot of black and red. black because everything that's black symbolises darkness and everything that's bad. in this context I use it to show the good side of the color, that black can also be associated with something positives. red because it's the color of power and passion, combine that with the black it creates something powerful.


THE APPLICATION IS RIGHT NOW IN THE DESIGN AND CONCEPT FACE, BUT I BELIEVE AND SEE BLEXT MORE THAN JUST AN APPLICATION. In a few years I see blext in the list as one of the biggest black movements there was next to the black power and black panther party movement.

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