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A publication about a subject that interests me.

Most people are doing certain things because it's popular or cool. Others are doing it because it's their way of life. I decided to make a publication about culture appropriation to show people that it's okay to do certain things, but know where it came from. that is exactly what you are able to read in this book.

one of the things that I'm talking about is "the durag". EVERYbody knows what it is, but not everybody knows the origin of it. a durag is a headwear that black people wear before they go to sleep. by wearing it, it protects their hair and it helps also to have a specific hairstyle named 360 waves. that's the first reason why we wear durags. second reason why we wear durags is because it also saves us when we didn't had a haircut. so instead of looking all crazy, you can wear it and make sure that it fits with your outfit. But before that the durag became a fashion item, it was use to show who were actually slaves during slavery.

The n-word has become one the most used words in the hip-hop scene

(most likely used by black people).

we all know the origin of the word, but why do black people use that word in there songs?

the n-word has been transformed during the years. now it's used to say "my brother", "my man" or simply to say we are in this together. it can also been seen as something motivational, " I'm black and destined to stay under, but I made something of myself and I'm proud. all of that while being black"


"WE are now in a situation where the black community really has enough. till this day there is still police brutality and no justice served against black people. we are tired, enough is enough. it's time to make change , don't just embrace our culture when it suits you but stand by us during this fight for change. all lives can't matter if black lives don't. " 

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